10 Best Gender Reveal Ideas for Your Baby

Balloon Pop: Fill a large black balloon with pink or blue confetti, then have the expectant parents pop it to reveal the gender.

Gender Reveal Cake: Ask your baker to create a cake with either pink or blue filling inside. When you cut the cake, the gender will be revealed.

Smoke Bombs: Use smoke bombs in either pink or blue to create a dramatic reveal during a photoshoot or outdoor gathering.

Scratch-Off Cards: Create custom scratch-off cards with pink and blue options. Guests can scratch off to reveal the gender.

Piñata: Fill a piñata with pink or blue candies or confetti. When it's broken open, the gender will be revealed.

Paint Fight: Have guests throw water-based paint-filled balloons or squirt guns at a blank canvas. Once it's covered, reveal the gender by adding a stencil or message in pink or blue paint.

Gender Reveal Box: Fill a large box with either pink or blue balloons. When opened, the balloons will float out, revealing the gender.

Confetti Cannons: Similar to balloon pops, but with confetti cannons for a bigger pop and more dramatic effect.

Fortune Cookies: Have custom fortune cookies made with messages revealing the baby's gender inside. Guests can crack them open together to find out.

Message in a Bottle: "Write gender reveal note, seal in bottle. Cast into water, watch as gender floats away, revealing our joy!"