7 Most Effective Homemade Fire Ant Treatment

Boiling Water

If you pour hot water right into fire ant mounds, you can kill the ants and destroy their colony. When you use hot water, be careful and make sure to pour it straight into the mound.

Diatomaceous Earth

You can sprinkle diatomaceous earth around the outside of your house or right on top of ant mounds to kill bugs naturally. It works by drying out the ants, which kills them.


Fire ants have trouble finding food and communicating because white vinegar disrupts their smell trails. Spray ant trails and mounds with equal parts water and vinegar.

Boric Acid

Many domestic ant baits include boric acid. Mix boric acid with sugar or honey and place it along ant trails or mounds to produce ant bait. The bait will attract ants, who will bring it back to their nest and kill it.

Soap and Water

Fire ant hills can be sprayed with a mixture of dish soap and water to kill the ants. Add about two tablespoons of dish soap to a gallon of water, and then cover the mound with it until it is completely wet.


Cayenne pepper, black pepper, or chilli powder surrounding ant mounds deters ants from accessing your house or yard. Pepper's strong aroma might impair communication and navigation.


Fire ants detest mint's fragrance, so planting it around your house or yard might deter them. To deter ant nesting, crush fresh mint leaves and distribute them over mounds.