7 Things to Do If You're Nearing Retirement

Establish a Budget

Before their first 30 days of retirement, retirees should create a budget. Follow your budget carefully after creating it. 

Check Your Retirement and Investment Accounts

While checking retirement funds, retirees should assess their investments. To maintain a balanced portfolio and optimize returns throughout retirement.

Apply For Social Security Benefits

Foss suggests enrolling for Social Security three months before retirement, but if you missed that window, do it promptly after retiring. 

Pay Attention to Taxes

Depending on what month you retire, don't forget to file your taxes, as your retirement income will still be taxed. Close-up of older couple and wife perusing life insurance policy in pleasant office with female agent.

Update Your Estate Plan

Review your estate plan in your first 30 days of retirement. Foss suggests updating your will. This covers living wills and powers of attorney.

Talk It Over With Your Partner

The spouse definitely knows about your retirement goals. Future routine changes may be unclear. Partners who work together or one works and the other stays home may change their habits.


After finishing your retirement cleaning, enjoy this tremendous achievement. Celebrate this success with a good supper and bubbly. You deserve it!