7 Things You Never Thought to Do With Your Vintage Teacups

Make a candle out of your vintage teacups for a sophisticated way to use them. Additionally, it's a terrific method to recycle used candle stubs. 

Vintage Teacup Candles

This clever technique to keep needles is a brilliant kettle-turned-pincushion for any sewing enthusiast.

Teapot Pin Cushion

Your kitchen cupboard is the perfect place to find a delicate way to hold bird seed.

“Tea Time” Bird Feeder

This imaginative mosaic will transform your yard from ordinary to extraordinary and is like a ticket to Wonderland. Balcony Garden Web discusses their concept of embedding coffee mugs and half-teacups in cement.

Upcycled Mosaic

This quirky and cozy off-center table decoration will bring a touch of quirkiness to your next tea or coffee gathering with friends. 

Stacked Centerpiece

Tuula McPhee, from Thrifty Rebel Vintage, crafts unique pumpkins using vintage teacups. Simply glue the cups in a spiral on a copper plate, adding a stick for the stem.

Teacup Pumpkin

Presenting cake pops, or any other food on a stick, can be difficult if you've ever made them.

Cake Pop Display