8 Boomer Habits Gaining Popularity Today

Wearing used clothing and treasure hand-me-downs is a retro idea that is becoming more and more common.

Buying Clothes Secondhand

Older generations made due with their treasured vinyl collections in the absence of apps like Spotify that allowed them to stream music.

Vinyl Records

It appeared as though the days of pen pals and ink-stained fingers were over for a few decades.

Handwritten Letters

Young individuals are rediscovering the pleasures of cooking at home after years of eating out and ordering takeaway.

Home-Cooked Meals

Grandmothers around are surprised to learn that knitting and crocheting are becoming increasingly popular on social media.


Though free living and hippie communes dominated the 1960s, co-living was not widely anticipated to return.

Communal Living

Although the post-war generations were renowned for their frugal living, a cultural shift was brought about by the ensuing economic expansions.


Foraging has been practiced for ages, whether it involves gathering wood for a fire or exploring the countryside in search of mushrooms.