8 Easy Claw-Clip Hairstyles That Instantly Elevate Any Look

Half-Up, Half-Down

A claw clip may not be able to keep all of your hair up if you have a lot of hair, but you can still enjoy the pleasure. Try using a smaller claw clip to secure the side of your hair that is up.

Claw Clip With Tendrils

If you have face-framing layers, use a hair tong to curl a few loose strands to showcase your features.

Sleek Claw-Clip Bun

A polished and stylish claw clip is possible. This sleek claw-clip updo can be made glossier by using a hair serum.

Classic Claw-Clip Twist-Up

To achieve the traditional claw-clip style, just wrap your hair around your index finger and fasten it with a clip. You get bonus points if you match this to your attire.

Claw Clip With Coils

A claw clip looks amazing on textured hair. To keep thick hair in place, choose a clip size that is larger.

Side-Parted Claw-Clip Updo

Part your hair on the side and use a claw clip to keep it in place for a twist on the look. This flowing side fringe is really adorable.

Mini Claw Clip

For smaller hairstyles like this half-up, half-down look, a smaller claw clip works perfectly.

Claw Clip With Curtain Bangs

Claw clips look great styled with curtain bangs. To assist maintain the curve of your bangs, use a circular brushes to dry them.