8 Easy Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Fast (Science-Backed)


Get on your elbows and toes while lying on the floor. Hold this posture for at least 30 seconds with your back straight and core tense.


Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and squat with knees bent. Place hands at foot sides. Push your hands on the floor and leap backwards into a board.

Mountain Climbers

Draw your right knee to your chest in plank. Get back into a plank. While in plank position, draw your left knee to your chest and alternate legs.

Russian Twists

Seated on the floor, elevate your legs slightly. Lean back and gently bend your knees. Hold your body at 45 degrees and turn right with your legs lifted. Stop and squeeze your obliques (move your body, not just your arms).

Incline Running

Walk or jog incline for 20 30 minutes on a treadmill or outdoors. Switch between running and walking every 5-10 minutes.


After 20 seconds of sprinting, relax or slow down for 40 seconds. Ten-minute repeat. This may be done inside on a treadmill.

Toe Taps

Lay down on the floor and lift your legs to 90 degrees. Touch your feet with your hands while curled up. Try to touch your toes as you raise and lower yourself.

Heel Touches

Lay down with legs flexed and feet flat. To touch your right heel, elevate your head slightly and lean laterally to the right with your feet shoulder-length apart. Hold your head up and bend the opposite direction to touch your other heel.