8 Easy Nail Designs Even You Can Do At Home

Striped Nails

Use striping tape or regular tape to create clean lines on your nails. Paint over the tape with your desired nail polish color, wait for it to dry, then carefully remove the tape to reveal the stripes.

Polka Dot Nails

Dip a dotting tool (or a bobby pin) into nail polish and create polka dots on your nails. You can vary the size and placement of the dots for a fun and playful look.

French Tip Manicure

Apply a nude or light-colored base coat to your nails. Once dry, use a striping brush or tape to paint a white tip on each nail for a classic French manicure look.

Glitter Gradient Nails

Paint your nails with a base color of your choice. While the polish is still wet, dab a makeup sponge lightly dipped in glitter polish onto the tips of your nails to create a gradient effect.

Marble Nails

Drop different colors of nail polish onto a cup of water and swirl them together with a toothpick. Dip your nails into the marbleized pattern, then clean up the excess polish around your nails.

Ombre Nails

Paint your nails with a base color and let it dry completely. Then, apply a lighter or darker shade of the same color to a makeup sponge and dab it onto the tips of your nails for a gradient effect.

Sticker or Decal Nails

Apply a base coat and let it dry. Then, apply nail stickers or decals to your nails according to your desired design. Seal the stickers with a top coat for long-lasting wear.

Abstract Nail Art

Use a thin brush or a toothpick to create abstract designs on your nails using different colors of nail polish. You can experiment with geometric shapes, lines, and swirls for a unique and artistic look.