8 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Going too natural

We are all fans of the organic, exquisite appearance. To balance out the tone of even the most beautiful skin, a little foundation is necessary.

Foundation overload

Applying foundation to hide creases, wrinkles, and open pores causes it to settle into fine lines and scars, highlighting them even more.

Foundation shade mistakes

Consider your foundation to be the one component of your makeup that matters most. Selecting the appropriate shade is essential.

Too much under-eye-concealer

Applying too much concealer won't help you look younger, even though heavy under-eye circles can.

Dark lipstick blooper

Let the wannabe Lalita Pawars have this. Applying dark lipstick on your thinning lips might suddenly turn you into a grumpy vamp.

Lipstick straight out of the tube

Lip boundaries become softer with each passing decade, making it simpler to move lipstick about.

Dark liner adds years to eyes

Indian women adore black, dark kohl and kajal. However, a strong, dark eye liner can accentuate crow's feet and make eyes appear weary and smaller.

Mascara overload

Any glossy magazine you open will display gorgeous women fluttering their mascaraed lashes.