8 Spring Haircut Trends To Inspire Your Next Salon Appointment

The Hydro Bob

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Barely There Layers

Use a paddle brush to straighten your hair and Amika Supernova Moisture & Shine Cream to boost shine.

The Side-Swept Bob

Stéphane Ferreira of Live True London and FUL thinks the side-swept bob is flexible and simple to style.

The Bouncy Bob

The bubble bob, worn by Kirsty Anne Sekulla-Sage, has lengthy layers that cup the face and round it out.

Big Hair

Eugene Smith, style director at John Frieda Salons, says this trend reflects recent fashion trends like shoulder pads and wide-leg jeans.

The Uncut Bob

It has blunt, chunky ends like a bob, but it's somewhat longer and has softer mid-length layers that enhance your natural hair pattern without heat.

The Ultra-Choppy Mullet

Ferreira claims the ultra-choppy hairstyle was inspired by Kristen Stewart in Love Lies Bleeding.

Feathered Layers

The trend is to blow feathered layers inwards this season, like hairdresser Denice Corea.