8 Things Cheap People Refuse to Spend Money On

Dormancy Bank Fees

A bank will typically charge a dormancy fee of $5 to $20. A frugal person would make sure their bank account is not dormant for longer than six months in order to avoid incurring this fee.


A frugal traveler refuses to pay high roaming fees when they go overseas. Rather, people will either stay offline or make use of free WiFi hotspots.

End of Trial Payments

They won't be taken off guard and wind up shelling out for a streaming or music service they never planned to use.

Convenience Store Snacks

Penny-pinchers won't spend extra on snacks that they can purchase for less money. They shop at big supermarket stores for everything.


A frugal person would never pay for calls they could make for nothing. They make use of social media programs that let you make online phone calls.


A newspaper subscription might set you back anywhere from $8 to $30 a month or up to $360 for the whole year.

Breakfast to Go

A frugal individual would never stop at a café for breakfast on their way to work. It is not in line with their morning routine to frivolously spend money like this on a dinner they could prepare at home.

In-App Purchases

Nowadays, the majority of applications will give you an enhanced or ad-free experience in exchange for a subscription or in-app payment of some sort.