8 Trendy Haircuts Stylists Say Are Easy to Maintain and Look Good on Everyone

Modern Bob

"A stylish modern bob and straight hair are a marriage made in heaven! Consider January Jones. Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, then a volumizing spray to thicken your hair

Long, Carved-Out Layers

"Cut-out, long layers work well on curly hair. It helps make your hair more manageable and requires some weight (think Julia Roberts).

Mid-Length Shag

"Mid-length shags are my fave! These days, shags are everywhere, and I don't mind. The wolf cut is really trendy right now, presumably because face-framing and curtain bangs have also been fashionable right now."

Shoulder-Length Coils With Bangs

The best thing about having bangs with shoulder-length hair is that it looks crisp and new because the ends are scruffy rather than heavy.

Short Afro

"I adore the chic and stylish appearance of short Afros. For those with coily hair types, it's a really stylish look that looks even better when well hydrated."

Long and Straight Cut

"This is a go-to low-maintenance look that requires few cuts and provides the hair natural flow. Any event can benefit from a quick blowout and a round brush pass through to achieve gorgeous hair."

Layered Curls

Layered curls provide movement and volume to your hair while giving it a light, airy form. Medium-to long-length curly hair looks stunning in this style."

Wavy Lob

An extended form of the bob that ends just above the shoulders is called a wavy lob. For people who aren't sure they want to commit to having long or short hair, this is the perfect style.