8 Ways Pets Can Improve Your Health

Increased Physical Fitness

Moving with a pet, whether it's frequent walks or long runs, promotes physical activity. 

Lower Stress & Anxiety

Having a pet releases oxytocin, which calms through cuddles, laughing, and exercise. Simple hobbies like watching a fish swim smoothly can help relax you.

Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

CDC says pets lower blood pressure and cholesterol, especially for hypertensive or high-risk people. 

Improved Discipline

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center discovered that diabetic teens who cared for a fish managed their disease better than those without. 

Increased Happiness & Decreased Depression

Pets can help elderly and ailing people cope with depression by offering companionship. Pets and assistance dogs boost happiness and health in veterans with post-traumatic stress.

Improved Socialization

Having an animal is a terrific way to connect with others, whether outside or talking about your pet. 

Improved Immunity & Allergy Prevention

Having a pet in the home reduces a child's risk of home-related allergies by 33%. Pet dander may be a natural immunotherapy for newborns and children

Childhood Development

Pets help youngsters, especially those with developmental issues. Pets provide a dependable schedule that helps ADHD kids focus.