8 Weird Things Animals Can Do That You Can't

Walk on Water

The basilisk lizard, also known as the "Jesus Christ" lizard, can seemingly defy gravity by darting across water surfaces for short distances. 

See Infrared

Jewel beetles have a secret weapon they can perceive infrared light! Special receptors in their chests help them find food sources and avoid predators, even in low-light conditions.

Hear Electricity

Platypuses have a strange superpower electroreception. They have unique bill sensors that allow them to detect weak electrical fields emitted by their prey in murky water.

Speak Bat 

Tiger moths have a special trick they can emit ultrasonic clicks to jam the echolocation of bats, their natural predators.

Smell Heat

Vampire bats are dinnertime detectives they can sniff out the juiciest vein on their prey by detecting heat differences using their sensitive noses.

See Temperature

Pit vipers, like rattlesnakes, have heat-sensing pits on their faces. These pits allow them to "see" the temperature of their surroundings, helping them find warm-blooded prey even in complete darkness.

Regress to Infancy

Talk about a reset button!  Jellyfish have an incredible ability called transdifferentiation.  If injured, some jellyfish species can revert to an earlier stage of their life cycle, essentially becoming polyps again.

Communicate Infrasonically

Elephants have a way of talking to each other that we can't even hear. They use infrasonic rumbles, sounds below the range of human hearing, to communicate over long distances.