9 Best Companion Plants for Rosemary (and What Not to Plant)


Lavender and rosemary both have Mediterranean origins, sharing similar maintenance needs like full sun exposure and well-draining soil. They thrive together and only require watering about once a week, making them excellent companions.


Rosemary pairs well with alyssum, a flower that attracts pollinators with its white blossoms while rosemary's strong scent repels harmful insects. This combination ensures a healthy and vibrant garden.


Sage is another herb that complements rosemary well. Both herbs share the same growing requirements, and rosemary can enhance the health and flavor of sage, making for a robust and flavorful herb garden.


Thyme is an ideal companion for rosemary, as both herbs deter pests and share similar soil and environmental needs. Thyme specifically helps protect your garden from cabbage worms, making it a valuable addition if you re also growing cabbages.


Oregano and rosemary thrive under similar conditions, such as full sun and well-drained soil. Oregano also helps prevent soil erosion due to its low-growing nature, adding stability to your garden.


Marjoram enhances the flavor and growth of surrounding plants by releasing beneficial chemicals into the soil. This herb is a great companion for rosemary, contributing to a more productive and flavorful garden.


Borage, known for its beautiful star-shaped flowers, grows well alongside rosemary. Both prefer well-drained soil that is slightly moist, and borage doesn t require excessive watering that could harm rosemary.


Chives are versatile and beneficial companions for rosemary, enhancing the flavor of nearby plants and repelling pests like aphids. They help maintain a healthy, pest-free garden environment.


Marigolds add color and additional pest protection to your garden. Their strong scent repels flies, mosquitoes, and wasps, complementing the insect-repellent properties of rosemary and ensuring a lively, vibrant garden.