9 Dumbbell Arm Exercises to Strengthen Your Upper Body

Dumbbell Arm Exercises: Lateral Arm Raise

While targeting a muscle that's sometimes overlooked, this dumbbell arm exercise works a lot of muscles. As stated by Sherika Holmes, owner of Sherika Fitness and NASM-certified personal trainer.

Dumbbell Arm Exercises: Plank Dumbbell Row

This exercise is great for strengthening and stabilizing the mid- and upper-back muscles in addition to targeting the triceps. "While the exercise targets the triceps, you get the added benefit of working.

Dumbbell Arm Exercises: Dumbbell Bench Press

"This exercise works your arms and shoulders in addition to strengthening your chest," says Row House's head of education and NASM-certified personal trainer Caley Crawford.

Dumbbell Arm Exercises: Overhead Triceps Extension

Crawford claims that this dumbbell exercise is a great way to target the triceps, or the muscles on the rear of your upper arm. According to her, seated or standing overhead triceps extensions "allow for a solid range of motion.

Dumbbell Arm Exercises: Curl With Lunge

Professionals love the curl with a lunge, and for good reason. Among other things, it tones your glutes, core, and biceps. It combines two time-tested, highly-effective workouts that you are probably already familiar with.

Dumbbell Arm Exercises: Triceps Kickback

Personal trainer Tami Smith, ACE-certified, owner of Fit Healthy Momma, says this is one of her favorite exercises for isolating the triceps. "I recommend these often because the triceps play an integral role.

Dumbbell Arm Exercises: Single-Arm Overhead Shoulder Press

The anterior, medial, and posterior deltoid are the three shoulder muscles that are worked during the overhead shoulder press, according to ACE-certified trainer Lacey Stone.

Dumbbell Arm Exercises: Lawn Mower

The lawnmower exercise is a complex exercise that involves multi-joint movements that may appear easy, but they work a wide range of muscles, such as your back, arms, shoulders, and core.

Dumbbell Arm Exercises: Single-Arm Row

Roger Montenegro, NSCA-CSCS, suggests doing this exercise since it works well for your upper body and the muscles that support and stabilize your back.