9 Stylishly Long Hairstyles And Haircuts For Teenage Guys

Surfer Waves

Embrace your inner beach bum with long, tousled waves that exude a laid-back and carefree vibe.

Shoulder-Length Shag

Opt for a shaggy haircut with layers that fall around shoulder length for a relaxed and effortlessly cool look.

Classic Side Part

Keep it classy with a timeless side part hairstyle for long hair, perfect for any occasion from school to special events.

Textured Pompadour

Add some volume and texture to your long hair by styling it into a modern pompadour, giving you a stylish and edgy appearance.

Long Undercut

Pair long hair on top with shaved or short sides for a bold and contemporary hairstyle that's sure to make a statement.

Braided Man Bun

Combine two popular trends by braiding the top section of your long hair and tying the rest into a sleek man bun for a unique and stylish look.

Rocker Locks

Channel your inner rockstar with long, layered locks that can be styled into messy waves or sleek straight strands for a versatile and eye-catching hairstyle.

Bohemian Curls

Embrace your natural curls or add some with a curling wand for a bohemian-inspired hairstyle that's perfect for teenage guys with long hair.


For a bold and distinctive look, consider growing your hair into dreadlocks, a timeless style that's both stylish and full of personality.