9 Things Men Do When They're Having a Midlife Crisis

Perhaps he always intended to launch his own company or compete professionally, but obstacles from life stood in the way.

Start Regretting Things

You might have noticed that he no longer sports goofy trainers or ill-fitting jeans. Nope, he's traded in his fatherly attire for something a little more stylish, youthful, and cool.

Upgrade His Style

This could entail donning more fashionable clothing, cutting his hair like a child, using contemporary terminology, or picking up old hobbies like skating again.

Act Younger Than He Is

He frequently turns to his former ties in an attempt to rekindle his nostalgia for the past.

Reconnect With Old Friends

He has an SUV one day that can accommodate all of his kids and their hockey equipment, and the next? He's speeding up the driveway in a brand-new red firetruck.

Change His Car

It's possible that the younger, more tech-savvy guys are advancing ahead of him at work. Perhaps he can no longer perform the activities he loves since his joints don't function as well as they once did.

Feel Inadequate

A lot of guys who are experiencing a midlife crisis may begin to prioritise their fitness.

Become Obsessed With The Gym

Men typically start becoming a little existential at this age, pondering about life and trying to find meaning and purpose.

Explore His Spirituality