9 Used Home Items You Shouldn’t Buy


A new refrigerator costs between $600 to $2,300, depending on size, model, and amenities. If your fridge breaks, you might consider buying a used one to save money.

Upholstered Sofas

Used upholstered sofas, chairs, and mattresses may seem like a bargain, but they might offer health dangers.


Used dehumidifiers contain worn parts that reduce their effectiveness, but they can improve indoor air quality and sleep.


High-quality mattresses are essential for restful sleep. A new mattress can cost thousands, but it may be worth it. 

Vacuum Cleaners

New vacuums are strong and clean well. Due of aged motors and clogged filters, old ones may not clean properly.

Small Kitchen Appliances

Coffee makers, blenders, toasters, and other small equipment degrade faster due to regular use. If your appliances are broken, don't buy used ones.

Light Bulbs

Lighting safety, efficiency, and effectiveness are important, thus avoid old bulbs.


Consumer electronics are pricey, especially new. A typical gaming laptop costs $500–$5,000. 

Hair Styling Devices

Curling irons and straighteners are pricey, as you know if you style your hair.