How to Attract Deer: 8 Easy-to-Follow Methods

1. Plants

Simply put, deer like food. But other trees and flora attract them more. They like petunias, sunflowers, clematis, dandelions, and clover. Planting some of these will draw deer to your yard.

2. Apples

Deer prefer sweet apples to sour ones by scent and taste. Smaller apples are simpler to handle with their small lips. Crabapples attract deer well. Without a tree, you may pile apples in your yard.

3. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a favourite of many. It looks like deer won't turn their noses up at this tasty nut butter. A simple way to get deer to come near peanut butter: Take off the lid and make three holes in it.

4. Salt Blocks

These blocks are called salt blocks, salt licks, or mineral blocks (if additional minerals are added) depending on where you reside. Whatever you name them, deer adore them. Many of its nutrients, such salt, iron, and zinc.

5. Herbs

Deer eat grass. They like plants with soft roots, wide leaves, and a sweet smell. They really like to graze on grass. Red clover, alsike clover, and white ladino are three types of this herb that grow back every year.

6. Food Plots

A food plot is a piece of land where extra food for wildlife is grown. In this case, you'll be feeding deer. But remember a few key points. Before you start making a food plot.

7. Winter Feeding

A feeding plot may be too complicated, but you may still attract deer year-round by offering seasonal food. Winter may be hard on deer. In cold weather, their food plants may freeze or be buried in snow.

8. Herbs

Deer consume plants, as said. Other scented botanicals attract them. These include lavender, echinacea, and New England aster. Sprinkle some of these herbs about your garden for double duty.