NewJeans Hit A Notable Benchmark With Two New Smashes In America

NewJeans, the popular South Korean girl group, recently made waves with their debut Japanese-language single. Despite the language switch, their American fanbase eagerly embraced the new release.

Their latest offering, a double-sided single featuring "Supernatural" as the title track and "Right Now," quickly became a sensation in the U.S. Both tracks achieved remarkable success 

"Supernatural" secured the second position on the World Digital Song Sales chart, trailing only Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'Ole’s enduring rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Meanwhile, "Right Now" entered the same chart at a commendable sixth position. These simultaneous debuts underline the group's consistent popularity and their knack for producing chart-topping hits.

Currently, NewJeans commands a significant presence on the World Digital Song Sales chart, capturing 20% of its total rankings. 

Over the years, NewJeans has amassed a total of 10 top 10 hits on the World Digital Song Sales chart. This milestone reflects their consistent success and the widespread acclaim for their music worldwide.

Despite their impressive track record, NewJeans has yet to claim the coveted number one spot on the chart. Their previous hits, such as "Super Shy" and now "Supernatural," 

NewJeans initially broke into the top 10 of the World Digital Song Sales chart during the final chart week of 2022 with their single "Ditto," which peaked at number four.

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