The 8 Best Shade Plants for Your Garden

Blue oat grass provides year-round colour and intrigue in chilly climates. No matter the temperature, it stays silver-blue and doesn't get too dark.

Blue Oat Grass

Foxgloves' beautiful colours attract people and animals, especially pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, however all portions of the plant are hazardous.


Primroses are popular with gardeners nationwide since they can survive in hot and cold climes. Primroses like morning sun but prefer partial to full shade.


These gorgeous annuals in periwinkle blue, white, and violet on mounding foliage are becoming popular impatiens alternatives.


Hostas can be four inches or six feet wide! Beautiful texture and flora are added by them. Remember that deer and rabbits love these perennials.


Sweet potato vines are ideal vining annuals for sun and shade. Purple, burgundy, and chartreuse varieties of this plant look great spilling over containers and window boxes.

Sweet Potato Vine

Begonias thrive in full shade and other circumstances. Their height and width vary from six to three feet and six to 18 inches, respectively.


Ligularia, or leopard plant, has huge, striking leaves and vivid yellow flowers. This shade-loving perennial loves bogs and wet situations.