TikTokers Push Facial Gum For Chiseled Jaws, But Where’s The Evidence?

TikTokers promote "facial gum" for a chiseled jawline, claiming it strengthens jaw muscles like Henry Cavill's. But scientific backing is lacking.

Chew-Chew Train

Companies like Stronger Gum and Jawz market tough, mastic resin-based gums for extended chewing. Allegedly, this tones jaw muscles for a more defined look.

What's in Facial Gum?

Stronger Gum argues for health benefits and improved oral posture, but no clinical trials compare gum-chewers' faces to non-chewers'.

Claims vs. Science

Facial gum trends echo a larger trend of "looksmaxxing," where men pursue physical changes without scientific support.

Looksmaxxing Trends

A study on mice showed stronger jawbones from hard food diets, but this doesn't guarantee human jawline changes like Henry Cavill's.

Mouse vs. Human Study

Mice studies aside, altering facial structure through diet or chewing habits isn't as simple as it sounds. More evidence is needed.

Jawline Myths

Chewing intensely can lead to jaw pain, headaches, and other jaw joint issues, plus dental damage.

Risks of Chewing

Social media trends like facial gum can be misleading and potentially harmful. Always seek evidence-based practices for health and appearance changes.

Safety Concerns

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