Today’s ‘Wordle’ #1116 Hints, Clues And Answer For Tuesday, July 9th

Wordle was created by Josh Wardle during the Coronavirus lockdown to entertain his crossword-loving partner,

Released to the public in October 2021, Wordle quickly gained popularity, growing from 90 users to 2 million players within four months.

Players aim to guess a mystery five-letter word in six attempts. A color-coded tile system helps players track their progress: green for correct letters, yellow for letters in the word but in the wrong position, and gray for letters not in the word.

Due to its immense popularity, Josh Wardle sold Wordle to the New York Times in January 2022 for a significant sum.

Each day, players receive a new puzzle at midnight local time, with clues and hints often shared on social media.

Wardle encourages players to experiment with different approaches rather than relying on fixed tactics, emphasizing the joy of discovery.

Newsweek provides hints such as the nature of the word (verb and noun), presence of two vowels, no repeated letters, and synonyms like "roar" and "boom" for today's puzzle.

Today's Wordle answer for July 9 is "Blare," defined as a loud, strident sound both as a verb and a noun.

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