Walmart Employee Spills the Secrets All Shoppers Want to Know

The Walmart app offers personalized discounts, flash sales, and clearance events, providing significant savings for frequent shoppers.

Download the Walmart App for Coupons

Using the Scan & Go feature in the Walmart app allows shoppers to scan items as they shop, enabling them to skip the checkout lanes and save time.

How to Lower Time Spent In-Store

Walmart s price match program can save you money by adjusting the price of an item if you find it cheaper at a local brick-and-mortar competitor.

Price Match as Much as You Can

Always compare rollback prices against previous prices and competitor retailers to ensure you re getting the best deal.

Scrutinize Rollback Discounts

Shopping in the mornings helps avoid the after-work rush, making the shopping experience smoother and more efficient.

Avoid Prime Hours

By downloading the Ibotta app and linking it with a Walmart account, shoppers can earn cash back on various items, adding up to significant savings over time.

Cash Back Is Always Good

Walmart employees can assist with finding items, answering product questions, and providing recommendations, saving you both time and money during your shopping trip.

Always Ask for Help

The clearance aisle at Walmart transforms into a bargain goldmine every Tuesday, with yellow stickers ending in 5 or 0 indicating the deepest discounts.

Major Deals Every Tuesday